Monday, 29 January 2007

And the weather today is...

Rainy, cold and miserable in Daylesford. The boys have gone to nursery in three layers and I didn't know whether to put sandals or wellies on them! I can't keep up with this crazy weather. Mind you, the freezing conditions on Saturday were a bonus for me as I unexpectedly got to wear my new winter velvet coat that I have been pining for, which was dramtically reduced in the Boden winter sale! It is the best coat I've had, I love it!

Friday, 26 January 2007

Jacob starts school next week for the first time (gulp!), hence this image from 'Going to School', one of my favourite Ladybird books, which we have been reading together in preparation. It seems that nothing much has changed in 50 years of prep school!

I have been tagged by Tanya, which means I have to reveal six weird facts about myself on my blog. Hmm, only six? Well, here we go:

1. I am phobic about mint-flavoured toothpaste and all chewing gum, can't bear the thought of it. And don't ever offer me a Polo. Uurgh!

2. The small town I live in (Daylesford, Australia) is weird, or at least very eccentric. People tend to move here for 'lifestyle reasons' (eg more time with their kids, no bosses, gay scene, country air etc.) and while they may have nice houses, nobody has much cash flow as there isn't much in the way of local employment. I have discovered that everybody in town has at least two or three part-time jobs on the go. One of my son's nursery teachers is also a farmer, for example. The lady in the newsagent's is also a massage therapist. And the American handyman who is installing our new shower is an actor from LA, Jim Knobeloch. His wife, who is also here and lives up the street, created 'Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman' - isn't that bizarre? As I say, it is an eccentric place...

3. I share Tanya's addiction to the smell of Dettol. I often put it in my kids' baths, and sometimes even my own - it has the most comforting smell, and reminds me of being little and loved. If your mum or dad never used Dettol when you were little, you will never understand this!

4. I used to be a life model for an artist and his students. OK, that's not weird, but I'm a pretty shy person so most of my friends are surprised when I tell them. It feels odd to know that somewhere in Newcastle, England, there are lots of nude portraits of me as a 22-year-old!

5. Talking of shyness, when I was five, at primary school, there was a girl in my class called Gillian Davies and she looked a little bit like me. One day in school I was sick and the nurse decided to send me home. She wrapped me in a big blanket and phoned my parents. Only she didn't - she called Gillian Davies' parents. The weird thing about this is that when Gillian's mum arrived to take me home, even she didn't realise I wasn't her daughter and she took me all the way back to her house before she realised! I was so shy I didn't say a word the whole journey!

Sigh, I keep coming back to Cath Kidston every season, there is always something new that I love. In the new range it is the kids' lunchbags and lunchboxes, like this very cool 'Stanley' lunchbox!

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Two weeks ago it was so hot here in Victoria, 40 degrees. Then last week we had a full week of rain (much needed!) and I had to get out my warm pyjamas again and put the fire on when we got up in the morning. Now today we are hot again, whatever happened to Spring?

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Another new year, and we have two new family members, Rita and Ingrid. Yes, I am no longer the only girl in the household as we now have two three-month-old sister-cats. Miss Ingrid (grey with blue eyes) is very quiet but she is also very playful and loves to run madly around the room chasing bits of string. Miss Rita (tabby) is a 'people cat' and always trying to win our attention away from Ingrid. They are such good company, it is so funny watching them at play, and the boys adore them (although they are always fighting over Ingrid as she is less scratchy!)!