Sunday, 24 December 2006

Happy Christmas One and All! x

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

I would love a full set of vintage Famous Five books, just to look at the jackets if nothing else, as the designs are so charming. View lots of them here.

Monday, 18 December 2006

Phew! I have finally finished off the Lark Christmas orders, including a last-minute top-up for Meet Me at Mike's, whose delightful owners Pip and Cam have the best taste in town (Melbourne town that is!). I can finally start making some of the things I'd planned for my own kids, and have started with a Robot toy for Jules, made of course from scraps of vintage fabric. Here you can see it start to take shape:

I found the pattern at Wee Wonderfuls - the pattern also includes a 'Spaceboy', which I might make for Jacob if I get time.

New things!

Lots of vintage finds to report this week.

Firstly, some pretty fabrics from a garage sale in Daylesford.

And a super book about printing by hand, with some really fab designs.

A collection of 1960s beer mats with cute sayings! The vintage wallpaper in the background was also a garage sale find.

I also found a vintage Fisher Price bus, complete with driver and all its passengers.

I found this a little while ago but couldn't resist showing it off - a pretty and pristine 50s tablecloth. The colours are so gorgeous, I can't stop looking at it (must find a table to fit!).

And vintage labels to add to my collection.

And finally, some VERY cute old playing cards!

Saturday, 2 December 2006

Finds of the week

As usual this week, most of my favourite purchases have been thrift finds, although I had a lovely surprise when the Tower of Doom arrived in the post and turned out to be not the plastic monstrosity I had feared, but a rather nice painted wooden toy. Even the set of characters that came with it '('The Bad Guys') have been well made and with a good dose of humour! The boys are going to go wild on Christmas morning...

Anyway, three garage sales this week delivered some nice vintage children's books including this 1960s book with great illustrations:

And I was pleased with this great little Peanuts book from 1962, which has gorgeous colours and a really nice format:

I also unearthed a huge pile of Japanese papers, about 24 packs. I can't resist the mini-prints on these! I have taken a few for my studio but the majority will be in the new art room I am setting up in the garden for the boys and I to play in (watch this space!)

I always look out for vintage handicraft books from the 60s and 70s - scored some good ones this week, which I will enjoy reading, as much for inspiration as for the memories they bring back of growing up in the 70s!

And finally I bought a stunning 1950s fabric on eBay - about 4 metres of this beauty, which will go in my stash and may well appear in the Lark 2007 range, which I have just started working on:

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

A fresh take on the christening dress from Swedish designer Plastisock at Nordic Kids.

I'd like one of these super-cool wooden scooters from Graham & Green for myself!

Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Look at these vintage suitcases from Couverture. Each one is custom-made and they are lined with a pretty print inside.

Monday, 27 November 2006

St Jude's is a modern British design company, based in Norfolk. They produce the most stunning handprinted fabrics.

Cool Gingerbread Man Christmas Wreath! Free instructions at Martha Stewart Kids.

These 'Make-a-Long Story' patterns from Wee Wonderfuls have me itching to get crafty!

I was thinking of buying Jacob this lovely Wooden Medieval Castle with knights for Christmas, but sadly he has his little heart set on the Tower of Doom from the ELC and I can't disappoint him. Sigh...!

My favourite webshop, Lily and Agathe is stuffed with vintage books like this, as well as lots of new goodies that you wont find anywhere else! OK, I am a little biased as the shop sells lots of my designs, but I dare you to resist buying something...

She's Crafty makes gorgeous vintage-inspired knits for babies, just look at this!

Friday, 24 November 2006

Lots of things about Australia have changed for the worse since I last lived here eight years ago, but REMO General Store has made a comeback, just like me, and it makes me happy to be here!

Thank goodness I don't have a daughter, as I would surely be spending all my money at Entertaining Elephants!

Grégoire Ganter makes stunning photographic collages based on the diverse and evolving architecture of New York City. "Léa's Alphabets" is a special collection of collages geared towards children. You can also commission one with your child's name...

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Dan Zanes made such an impression on Jacob when we saw him live at the Melbourne Festival last month. He has been out on the sidewalk with his guitar, singing 'Down by the Riverside', hoping the neighbours will give him money (a five-year-old busker)!. He has decided he wants to move to New York to be in the band.

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

I want to take a Vintage Vacations holiday in England, in one of their 1960s silver caravans, complete with vintage furnishings, board games and tea cozies!

Katvig do the best clothes for children. Full stop. I stood in a queue in sweltering Copenhagen sunshine for three hours last summer just to get into their warehouse sale. I'm pleased that their clothes are becoming more available in the UK - see the full range and a list of web stockists at their website.

Sadly, Edgar the Monkey has already been sold from the Hop Skip Jump shop. But if you join her mailing list, this talented toymaker and blogger will notify you when new one-off toys are available.

This Nancy Drew fold & mail stationery is lashings of fun. It makes me want to take a break from email and write a real letter.

Ok, it is the beginning of summer here in Australia, but one has to plan ahead and I really WANT this Washed Velvet Coat from Boden.